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Enjoy a 2-hour workshop in a private setting to learn the art of makeup. We will go over topics so you're confident with your new beauty regimen. Click here to determine your level.

What to do before your session begins?

Have your daily make-up with you so that I can give you advice on what to use and what not. Your face must be cleansed, toned and moisturized. 

How does it work?

We will review your makeup and skincare regimen to determine what to keep and toss. Learn product and tool suggestions, brush technique and care are explained. I will demo on one half of your face and guide you as you do the other half.


What will I receive during the workshop?

Receive an exclusive Barocco Gift Certificate for any special event (except bridal) or promotion to invest in professional cosmetics (valid only in USA, CAN, and MEX). Plus a $50 e-gift card to kick start your beauty regimen. 

Total: $150

* Travel fees may apply

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