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The flowers have blossomed and the birds have sang, while the leaves are ready to fall. Applying a banging look for Fall 2017 is simple if you have the right tools. So how could you stay ahead of the game with a flawless look?

Hold on to your lashes and step into my atelier...

Versatility Bundle

We all need a booster, whether it's coffee, mani/pedi me-time, or new additions to the makeup bag. With the Barocco August Bundle you'll have a pep in your step and shimmer away all negativity.

From luxurious liners to a lippie that will seduce your honey! My personal favorites to pull off any look, versatility, is the answer to all the madness. Pair the Motives Cosmetics Shimmer Bronzer and the Luxe Creme Eyeshadow in Gold Dust to create a mesmerized bronzy eye look. Transforming into a Mother Nature Goddess! If that doesn't tickle your fancy, pair your favorite eyeshadow with this luscious creme eyeshadow, a simple transformation going from day to night.

I can go on and on about how to interchange these products, but let's face it, while most of us can't live without our eyeshadows there are some that favor simplicity. A classy Parisian look, slay of a liner paired with the most gorgeous matte lipstick that can seduce just about anyone. An elaborative lipstick with packaging so chic, you'll wonder why you didn't have this baby in the first place. Nourish those luscious lips for a smooth finish, a dosage I recommend to all bosses!

Barocco August Bundle

" I am in love with this lipstick! Seduced is perfect for my everyday look! "

~ Client

Ultra Matte Lipstick

In Barocco's world there's always a time for giving. Receive exclusive savings when you purchase the Barocco August Bundle. Visit and use 10offma to receive this exclusive set all for $73. Now would you like more?

...I was hoping you'd say that

Announcing Fall Giveaway

While the holidays are creeping on us and will soon be near, it's never to early to think of others. At the end of August a lucky girl will receive the Motives Cosmetics I Do Palette and a Liquid Pout Plumper (any shade). A gift retailing for $70!

Indulge in the Barocco August Bundle and instantly qualify for a chance to win the Fall Giveaway. Imagine having all these products at your reach for the price of one exclusive set. Begin your season and treat yourself, no need to say no, because your little voice whispers, 'you deserve it!'

Fall Giveaway

The Community

Taking care of yourself is paramount and even though we have a million of excuses, it shouldn't be the case. Sometimes all we need is guidance and a plan on how to do it. The Barocco Beauty Community is a private group that is filled with exclusive tips, behind the scenes, promotions, giveaways, and more.

Joining the community you'll be part of a prestigious group and know your beauty game is in check!

Enjoy a sneak peek and join the Barocco Community complimentary.

with love,

Crystal Monique Cruz

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