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You've downloaded your personal workbook and you're ready for a list of makeup items that will answer all your worries... but first! What kind of bag are your going to rock?

Investing in a bag that is durable, long lasting, and professional are qualities to keep in mind. After all, to impress your clients every detail matters when putting together your makeup kit. First impressions always count!

If you haven't read the first in this series How to Build a Professional Makeup Kit go ahead and catch up from the beginning. That way you can download the first pages of your complimentary workbook.

Build your Professional Makeup Kit

All about the Bag

When deciding on THE bag it's like buying a wedding dress... it's a huge deal... well at least it was for me. Here are a few things to ask yourself to consider the best option:

  • What kind of traveling will you be doing?

  • How much product do you have? Or will have?

  • What kind of storage space do you need?

  • How much can you lift when managing your bag? Hence the amount of product you can carry...

  • Is the material durable and easy to clean?

  • What's your budget?

Factors that narrowed down my search when I invested in a makeup bag were:

  • It had to have wheels

  • Color black

  • Material that was easy to clean

  • Travel friendly

When I mention travel friendly I mean something that will protect your products, can travel easily in a vehicle or on a plane, and won't be too heavy to haul (remember you still have to add all of your products). Here are some of my notes when I finally decided on which bag to purchase. Hope they help!

  1. Zuca Flyer Travel Bag is certified to travel on plane as a carry-on and has all the same accommodations as the Zuca Pro Artist Case. Extremely durable, space conservative, and professional looking.

  2. Burton Wheelie Cargo a very spacious bag, not limited on how you can organize your products, and can easily view all your products at a glance when open. I thought this was a unique bag because the brand, Burton caters to Snowboarding who would've thought, carrying all that gear can be heavy! Definitely one that I'll invest in next time.

  3. Zen Pro Makeup Series Case this kind of model is available in numerous brands. What I like about this model it has great drawer space, a top and lower case that you can separate; perfect for those makeup jobs when you only need particular products. Another that I'll invest in primarily for my beauty events and workshops!

After all the madness, contemplating, and hurting my brain I finally chose the Zuca Flyer Travel Bag. Before I get into why I chose this bag... if you need help deciding what bag to invest in I have two suggestions:

  • Ask a fellow makeup artist their experience, thoughts, and opinion

  • Evaluate what's going on in your life and how the bag can accommodate you

My family and I were moving across country, so not only did I have my pro kit to bring I also had a million other things. The fact that it was TSA approved and can bring as a carry-on was a huge plus! I liked how the bag already came with clear organizers and was a good size for all my products to fit (less organization prep was helpful for me at the time). The size of the bag wasn't an issue, since I could easily remove products if I wasn't going to need them (you'll be surprise how much makeup you could fit in this bag). Everything was packed nice and tight to avoid any product breakage. To this day I have not experienced any of my products getting damaged, except when I dropped my highlighter while taking it out of the bag.... (what a bummer...)

Valuable Tips

Think about what frustrates you the most when traveling with a huge bag and what makes your life easier. Pick a bag that will fit your personality. Don't be afraid to ask other makeup artists their opinion before making that first investment. I know I did... I remember it was 2am when I finally ordered my Zuca online. Thank goodness coffee was there for me in the morning... what would I do without it!

Build your Professional Makeup Kit

As we continue in this series keep in mind the purpose is to build a basic kit that you can afford when starting. If you've already read How to Build a Professional Makeup Kit and downloaded your workbook click here for the next section. Stay tuned for the next post in this series!

with love,

Crystal Monique Cruz


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