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The products you invest in have a purpose don't they? Proper tools will produce quality results, after all your clients are expecting a total transformation.

Establish your Professional Makeup Kit

Color correction and concealers are a terrific way to mask imperfections, dark circles, and acne... you could even highlight their finest features.

The Color Correction Quads are perfect to camouflage dark circles, redness, dark spots, even dullness. Read here revealing a guide that will transform you into a color correcting pro!

The Creme Concealers blend beautifully, conditioning the skin, and are crease resistant. These long-wear concealers nourish the delicate skin around the eyes with its antioxidant protection.

Versatility! If you've followed this series How to Build your Pro Kit then you may have noted the Color Perfection Quads are buildable, light-weight, and fantastic for mature skin.

The Long-Wear Liquid Concealers are versatile, light-weight, provides a seamless coverage, and built-in undertones (yellow or pink). Talk about goddess glam in a bottle!

Valuable Tips

Once you've completed a skin analysis you must ask yourself: Will you be working with young or mature skin? Will you be concealing your client's imperfections or highlighting their features? The texture of your client's skin will depend on the type of concealer you use. To produce satisfying results you must understand how to use your products. These are details worth identifying before setting the base with your choice of powder.

While collecting a range of concealers can be costly, begin with palettes like the Color Perfection Quad, extremely versatile suitable for young to mature skin.

To receive the next section of your workbook click here. If you haven't read the beginning of this series see below to catch up:

Establish your Professional Makeup Kit

with love,

Crystal Monique Cruz


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