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Last month was our vacation visiting family and friends! To sum it up it there was lots of food, crazy schedule, and staying up late! There was no time for relaxation but only excitement and celebration. Especially when our family hasn't seen baby girl in almost a year! I have to give myself some credit I started with my usual 30-minute workout, after that, lets just say my workout consisted of sweets and tortillas.

After our long and eventful vacation it was time to return home in Abu Dhabi. My workout reminders wasn't enough for motivation, instead the routine consisted of getting my 2-year old back on a normal sleeping schedule.

What Motivates You

I noticed my energy levels weren't the same and I wasn't feeling accomplished. Even worst, when my daily reminders tells me to workout, and I couldn't say, "Yes! One step closer! I did it!" Something had to change and it was time to take over. You know how they say the older you get the harder it is to lose weight, well its true!

Three things I started doing: cutting out all fast food, begin my workouts (3-4x's a week), and taking my vitamins/minerals. Lets not forget the cheat day I included as a reward!

The Routine

We all need some kind of guidance and when you start a life changing move it can be a little overwhelming. That's why I'm not going to cover what my diet consists of nor the vitamins I take. Instead, I'm going to share with you my workout routine. The challenging part is to stay consistent, following the workout plan, and no skipping days! Quality over quantity is important and committing 30-minutes out of your day is doable.

Getting ready for my workout I needed two things: my iPhone for stopwatch/music and my waist trainer! For the first two weeks I tackled the routine to get my stamina going and carry out good technique. Remember, if you're being sloppy during your workout you're only hurting yourself. Here we go!

WARM UP (5 minutes):

1 minute: Jumping Jacks

1 minute: Steady Arm Circles (30 seconds going forward and back)

1 minute: Butt Kickers

1 minute: Front Kicks

1 minute: Boxer Shuffle

HIIT ROUTINE (10 minutes):

30 seconds: Jump Squats

30 seconds: Plank

30 seconds: Rock Climbers

10 seconds: REST

30 seconds: Jump Lunges

30 seconds: Flutter Kick Squats

30 seconds: Mason Twists

10 seconds: REST

30 seconds: Push-Ups

30 seconds: Burpees

30 seconds: Fifer Scissors

10 seconds: REST


COOL DOWN (2 minutes)

30 seconds: Standing Toe Touches

30 seconds: Side Lunges

30 seconds: Slow Arm Circle (15 seconds going froward and back)

30 seconds: Cross Tow Touches


1 minute: Slow Bicycles (30 seconds going forward and back)

1 minute: Flutter Kickers

1 minute: Up & Down Scissor Kicks


BUTT CHALLENGE (6 minutes)

1 minute: Leg Dips (30 seconds each leg)

1 minute: Twisted Lunges (30 seconds each leg)

1 minute: Knee-Up Bridges


COOL DOWN (2 minutes)

30 seconds: Standing Toe Touches

30 seconds: Side Lunges

30 seconds: Slow Arm Circle (15 seconds going froward and back)

30 seconds: Cross Tow Touches

If you need ideas for music or where to get a waist trainer comment below! I'd love to see how you enjoyed this workout. Hustle ladies!

Now that the heat in Abu Dhabi is not as bad I'm finally able to add some jogging with loads of sunscreen!

with love,

Crystal Monique Cruz

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