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The holidays are here and there'll be family gatherings, festive events, and juicy turkey. No matter where you're traveling there's one dilemma that always comes up... what to pack!?

Holiday Wardrobe Essentials

As we try to limit our portions we always seem to fit in late night sweets, oversized plates, and festive bubbly. So what essential garments can you pack and still look fabulous with the extra pounds?

The Essentials

The secret to packing for your holiday vaycay are essential outfits that you can interchange. Voila! Some of my favorite pieces without breaking the bank are from SheIn... don't jeopardize your stylish looks there's always a way.

Wardrobe Essentials for the Holidays

Oversized coats/vests are an absolute must for every boss in their closet! Try on the Waterfall Collar Pocket Front Wrap Coat and pair it with cute torn jeans, an angelic white sweater, and a scarf that will keep you fabulously warm.

What to wear on the morning of Thanksgiving feast? You'll probably be running around like a turkey (gobble-gobble-gobble). The theme of the morning calls for comfort, sporty, and cute. Pair the Chevron pullover sweater with mixed textured tights you may not even have to wait in those lines at the market!

After all the feasts and sweets create a slim waist illusion with a vivid combination of high waist piped dress pants and loose knit scalloped sweater. Pair this outfit with tan pointed toe heels and you're lookin' like JLO after stuffed with turkey!

I'm always on the hunt for sales and cash back deals, especially when this is a time of year for giving! Enjoy $35 off orders $189+ with promo code HEI35 at SheIn! Tackle those Christmas presents and a little something for you.

Makeup Essentials

Finally! After hours and hours of packing you cannot forget about those unattended lips. This is a time to feel extra festive and cheerful no matter where you're going or who you're meeting. Remember pictures last forever! Motives All Day Liquid Sticks are perfect for the holidays interchanging shades in seduction and sultry with glamorous outfits from SheIn. By adding high-shine, full coverage, and extended long-wear your lips will thank you.

Holiday Makeup Essentials

There's no time for wardrobe malfunction only quality time with family! I would just like to thank you all for your continuous support and wish you a happy holidays. Wherever you are in the world be kind to others and spread the love making this world a better place.

Happy Holidays,

Crystal Monique Cruz


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