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Whether you've hired a wedding planner or you'll be handling all of the affairs... You desperately need a reliable resource if you're not a professional wedding planner. If you're not eloping than allow yourself enough time to plan your wedding. Trust me when I say time will fly in a blink of an eye... save yourself a headache!

It was June 30, 2012, after a year of planning, combined efforts from family and friends, our vows were said and we danced the night away. I was extremely happy how all the planning came together. If it wasn't for my secret weapon I would not have been able to plan the wedding of the year!

How to Plan Your Own Wedding

Get Organized

Before you tackle excessive plans get yourself organized. Set up the following so there's no stopping you:

1. Email signature

2. Google drive

3. Pinterest board (easily share your vision to vendors)

4. Facebook group

5. Journal for all your notes

6. Wedding binder to house all important documents in categories

7. Dates for wedding expos within your city

Personal Wedding Planner

Strolling in Barnes & Noble I found the perfect wedding planner in a book sharing tips, tricks, and tools. Sipping my latte and reading The Wedding Book by Mindy Weiss was a blessing sent from heaven! Following her advise I was transformed into a pro wedding planner over night. Bibbidi bobbidi boo!

You may have a million questions or confused with all the different responses. This book will steer you in the right direction! I recommend this to all my girls who are getting ready to plan their big day.

The Wedding Book

Above & Beyond

While we're in an age of advanced technology, it doesn't take a rocket science to twiddle those thumbs! Your options are unlimited on how you can communicate your wedding details. It all depends on what is important to you. Here are just a few ideas on what you can do and they're all FREE!

1. Create a free wedding website using

You can include save the date, location maps, contact page, list your bridal party, wedding registry, rsvp, options are endless!

2. Create a Facebook group

This would be a great way to communicate with all your guests updates about your wedding website so they can't say, "No one told me"....

3. MailChimp is your best friend

Now some may not be on facebook but regardless everyone has an email. Instead of sending multiple emails why not import your entire guest list (excel csv) and send your important updates, invites, announcements to 150 people at once!

4. Google Docs and Excel

This is a great tool to create a trackable guest list, rsvp, dinner selections, contact details. Personally, I was so happy when I created my guest list in excel. When it came down to mailing 150 invitations I printed the names and address details on labels. Five minutes is all it took!

5. Create your own #Hashtag

When the wedding is all said and done trying to collect all those photos from family and friends can be a hassle... not anymore!

Stay Happy and Sane

Make your life easy by working smarter not harder. Believe me you need all the time in the world to take care of yourself and get ready for the big day. Lots of cardio, balanced diet, and water! Be a happy bride because at the end of your wedding day all you have left are your memories and lets not forget pictures!

Do not get me started on how important it is to book a fabulous hair and makeup artist. Pictures last forever remember that!

How to Plan Your Own Wedding

How to Plan Your Own Wedding

Crystal Monique Cruz


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