• Crystal Monique Cruz


What a sensation to blossom into spring with a plethora of florals. It was an exhilarating experience creating the Spring Seduction Series with dedicated professionals. Collaborating with Photographer Abdul Nasser, Stylist Penny George, and Model Asiya Alieva.

If you're seeking inspiration for a makeover you'll enjoy this tantalizing series.

I'm a big believer on embracing your own style instead of following everyone else. Although, where would we find inspiration if we didn't have stylists like, Penny George, owner of Penultimate Fashion.

The Outfit

Tying in textures and prints, model, Asiya Alieva, wore a custom cropped top, satin white shorts, and a floral transparent chiffon skirt, designed by Penultimate Fashion. Setting it off with a divine floral handbag and a custom floral hair piece, designed by myself.

Penny envisioned an enchanting spring look, and requested to incorporate balance and a natural flow in the hair piece. After countless times trying on the halo of flowers a masterpiece was formed!

For full ensemble details visit Penultimate Fashion Blog, you'll be inspired to venture out of your safe zone!


Adopting inspiration from the ensemble and latest runway-makeup trends, a captivating look was accomplished!

Applying bold eyeshadows like red and orange tones, adding depth in her natural crease and lower lash line, and mascara at the root of her luscious lashes.

Ensuring balance was visible white liner was added on her lower lash line, loose gold glitter placed in her inner tear ducts, outlining halfway towards her lower lash line. These influential elements created an open-eye look blending in with the existing bold tones.

Incorporating a custom orange lipstick (anytime I want to lighten up a lipstick I use Motives Cosmetics Lip Lock, not to mention the many benefits this baby holds!); and utilizing the 'draping' technique along her cheek bones, blending seamlessly into her eyeshadow. Finally, adding highlight in just the right places a flower goddess was born!

Our model, Asiya Alieva, embraced her spring look beautifully! Take a peek at the Spring Seduction product favorites.

A few photos from behind the scenes

with love,

Crystal Monique Cruz

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