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The heat doesn't stop and neither do I... Flying thousands of miles from the Arabian Sea to good ol' Texas is worth every second when spent with family. From family dinners, graduation celebrations, to fun in the playground a versatile beauty regimen is a must!

Summer Time Makeup

Adding Versatility

First-time mother I was overlooking my beauty and health. Let's face it, if I don't take care of myself who will? Versatility and savings was the answer to my regimen!

Combining my freelance business, everyday shopping from beauty to groceries, and working from home; my venture with Market America was the way to go. Stay tuned for an exciting post disclosing details. For now check out one of the many perks as a business owner, reliable monthly hauls.

No Excuse for Mama

There's no excuse for this mama when I have a variety of products for kids, health, home, beauty at my disposal. How could I resist such dependable buys? Shopping at my own business rather than going to the mall I knew I would receive all my exclusives, in style! Summer time in June you can catch me in the playground with my beauty favorites, because baby girl loves to swing!

Adding warmth to my lips with All-Day Liquid Sticks in Love Bites and Guava, foundation with built-in primer and SPF to tackle the sun in Sandy Beige, emphasizing my cheekbones with matte blushes in Bella and Peony. I was thrilled to receive such a vibrant package in the playground!

Finally, revealing my ultimate secret weapon, the Lumière de Vie Super Crème

Super Crème keeps this mama at #womderwoman status. A triple threat to add in your makeup bag that is designed to brighten, hydrate, and prevent. Reducing the appearance of dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, and an even skin tone.

For all you beauty gurus you'll love this fun informational video for Super Crème!

Lumiere de Vie Super Creme

Reliable Incentive

I can always rely on my monthly selections whether its for family, gifts, personal use, or for my professional makeup kit. Collaborating my makeup artistry with Market America, specializing in Motives Cosmetics, has transformed my everyday expenses (personal/business) to establishing my Unfranchise Business. Why should I spend my hard working funds at someone's store rather than investing at my very own?

If you have questions you may contact me at or comment below. Everyday we swipe our cards, why not transform your daily spending into a simple investment?

with love,

Crystal Monique Cruz

P.S.: Lets add some updates to your spending, download Shop Buddy, and with every purchase you'll transform your spending into an investment. Receive cash back a new perspective of spending.


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