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From bountiful floral arrangements to sensational gowns it's no wonder why precise planning is involved. Delicate lace, intricate embroidery, and unique fabrics all take part creating phenomenal memories. While weddings flaunt the bride's personality, some love simplicity, as others prefer over-the-top glam. No matter the bride's style, accessories are a perpetual necessity that will establish a statement, memory, and a complete look.

Barocco Bridal Photoshoot Dubai

It was such a pleasure working with passionate international professionals. Showing off the exclusive Barocco Ruff Collar worn by fitness model Shada J Al Nehmi and photographer Chrisalide capturing mesmerizing images.

The Outfit

Details matter don't you agree? The most prominent reason is to look drop dead gorgeous and on point!

Shada J Al Nehmi modeling a distinctive copper accessory, the Barocco Ruff Collar created by myself. Accentuated in celestial diamond earrings, wrapped in a transparent crème veil, and caressed in Victoria Secret's lace lingerie.


Highlighting Shada's gorgeous eyes with Motives Cosmetics, creating dimension right at her natural crease, a Barocco Bride was born. Styling her hair with a low messy up-do complementing elements from accessories to the exclusive Barocco Ruff Collar.

Click here to view few photos from behind the scenes

with love,

Crystal Monique Cruz


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