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Teen Kit (optional to purchase) for only $29.95 plus tax and shipping. 


Who are the Motives Mavens? The Motives Mavens are some of the most talented makeup artists in the world, with a reach of over 15,000,000 followers collectively. They've developed a huge fan base on Instagram attracting so many women to try Motives from all over the world. Loren and Lala collaborated with the Motives Mavens to create products that every woman would want! Introducing the Motives Mavens Sculpt Series and Element. Demure, and Dynasty Palette. I love how engaging this line is with its consumers! This is more than just a cosmetic line!


If you're interested in learning more about the program, be sure to submit a contact form. If you're not intersted at this time, but will be in the near future be sure to submit a contact form anyway. I'll be happy to follow up with you in the near future.


Note: If your country is not listed here and if you are interested in the TEEN program, please be sure to contact me. We're always expanding to new countries!

1) USA



Thank you beautiful! I'll be contacting you shortly!

The Motives Teen Program is perfect for teens that are looking to earn the cash they want, while having fun selling one of the hottest cosmetic lines! It gives teenagers the opportunity to run their own business while being mentored and coached by a Motives Certified Distributor, such as myself. So, to answer your question how much is this program? FREE! Your teen will receive their own Motives website and all the retail profit they generate.With each sale the Motives Certifed Distributor will provide the retail profit to you. There is of course a kit available that you may purchase to start building your collection. I've incorporated some really important information about the program for you to review. Make sure you receive your parents permission so we can get started! 


Here's a tiny overview of what this program is all about! Contact me today for more information.

Here's some additional information that you or your parents may want to know. Contact me today to discuss your interests!

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