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A boss babe conquers the world emphasizing her regal ensemble with lavish accessories because every event is paramount. Collaborating with professionals: Freedom Supercars revolutionizing luxury car ownership, photographer: David Baker, model Reyna Surna and owner of boutique Saint Blanc. Incorporating timeless jewels by Kendra Scott, well-known for her rare use of color and excellent materials.

The Supercar

Enjoying a lifestyle with ease, Freedom Supercars, reinvented luxury car ownership providing a Ferrari F12. An unforgettable riding experience for model, Reyna Surna, shopping for lavish jewelry. The vehicle's MSRP value $395,500.00 with top speed 217 mph, with a front engine V12, and 731 horsepower. This luxurious car club definitely shows you how to live life to the fullest!

The Ensemble

Model, Reyna Surna and owner of boutique Saint Blanc, rocking one of her many prestigious gowns in emerald green, Miranda Evening Dress. A gown every girl must have accessible in her closet! Transcending this alluring gown with Kendra Scott's rose gold jewelry pieces. Read on for the spill on all pieces worn.

Hair & Makeup

Utilizing a liquid matte lipstick by Motives Cosmetics, a perfect shade for the fall and winter. One of the many reason why I love using Motives Cosmetics in my professional makeup kit. Contrasting beautifully with the exterior store of Kendra Scott located in CityCentre Houston, TX. Using all Motives Cosmetics these influential elements: a cut crease eye makeup using rich golden shades, and bold liner. Styling her hair with loose voluminous curls complimenting the gown's open back, Miranda Evening Dress.

The Jewels

A necessity for every girl! I was head over heels with each piece selected. One of my absolute favorite was the Fabia Rose Gold Earrings, but of course the entire set was perfect!

Elegant Magazine

This photoshoot would not have been possible without each and everyone that collaborated. I am humbly grateful for your time, dedication, and hard work! While maximizing everyone's efforts I'm very happy to announce this high-end fashion editorial, Formal on the Go, has been published in Elegant Magazine on their December 2018 issue. Click here to order your very own issue of December 2018... meanwhile I count the seconds until I finally receive my copy in the mail!

Elegant Magazine December 2018

with love,

Crystal Monique Cruz


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