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You are never overdressed for any occasion especially if you're out for a latte! For this particular shoot, I was inspired by my many adventures living abroad with my husband. I still remember the freshly baked croissants roaming the air while sitting outside of a café in Paris. My husband loves last minute adventures, and I always packed my best dress and heels ready for any event. I recall indulging in a latte and hazelnut crêpe in the morning with my husband, both of us lavishly dressed. Full and refreshed we were both ready for our adventures creating everlasting memories in the streets of Paris.

Feeling homesick and longing to return to Europe I came across the cafe, Sweet Paris, in City Centre, Houston, TX. While sharing my stories of traveling overseas I felt inspired to recreate a loving memory for everyone to visually cherish.

Collaborating with professionals: photographer: David Baker, model Sofia Diblasi and owner of The Diblasi Agency, boutique Saint Blanc for wardrobe, accessories, and faux fur shawl. Details are paramount and owner, Mary Ann Pace-Hebrank, owner of the three gorgeous french poodles, made it possible adding a unique flair to the entire look!

The Model

Rocking this shoot model, Sofia Diblasi, owner of The Diblasi Agency, knows how to work the camera. Showcasing the storyline: Going to the best café in town and strutting with her fluffy french poodles. It’s no wonder why this boss babe conquers all! She lives like no one else, wears her best gown, using accessories no one dares to wear… and why not every girl deserves to feel and look good for her latte.

The Ensemble & Accessories

Model, Sofia Diblasi, wearing a sweetheart strapless mermaid gown lined with gold glitter top to bottom. Accented with a diamond necklace set and a breathtaking silver faux fur shawl (every girl should own in their closet!). Showcasing the many drop dead gorgeous gowns and accessories from boutique, Saint Blanc.

Hair & Makeup

Using all Motives Cosmetics I created a violet smokey eye look pairing beautifully with voluminous lashes and a gorgeous lip color! Complimenting the entire makeup look with a low up-do filled with soft curls accentuated from every angle.

Elléments Magazine

This photoshoot would not have been possible without each and everyone that collaborated. I am humbly grateful for your time, dedication, and hard work! While maximizing everyone's efforts I'm very happy to announce this high-end fashion editorial, Sweet Paris, has been published in Elléments Magazine in their January 2019 issue. Click here to order your very own issue of January 2019.

Elegant Magazine December 2018

with love,

Crystal Monique Cruz


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