Identify the level that is most comfortable to tackle all your beauty struggles


  1. How to care for my skin to create smooth, flawless skin?

  2. What foundation works best for my skin type?

  3. What should I keep in my makeup routine and kit?

  4. What color palette flatters me the most?

  5. How to shape my eyebrows?

  6. How to properly apply mascara that flatters my eyelashes?

  7. How do I properly curl my lashes?


  1. What is better for my skin in special conditions being drier and when it’s more humid?

  2. How to prevent my eyeshadow from creasing or eye makeup from smudging?

  3. How to keep my makeup lasting longer throughout the day?

  4. How can I apply false lashes, and what are flattering styles for my shape?

  5. How to create a smoky eye, unique for my eye shape?

  6. How do different makeup textures show up on my skin? (Cream, liquid, powder)


  1. What products are versatile in my kit to mix and make different mediums?

  2. What products deliver the best quality for my look and versatile wear?

  3. How to customize false lashes to fit my ideal eye shape?

  4. What products are best for under-eye area that won’t crease?