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After all the research and prepping we're finally getting to the good stuff!... Makeup! As mentioned in my last post Must have Tools it’s crucial to invest in products that will nourish your clients skin, non-fragrance, and suitable for all skin types. Lets face it we can only go so far satisfying our clients, but with qualities like these you’ll never go wrong.

Establish your Professional Makeup Kit

Creams & Foundations

Quality cosmetics cater to traits that provides brilliant coverage and delivers incredible pigment. How else do you think you can achieve a flawless look?... every step counts!

Versatile products will save space in your kit and make life easier as you juggle from one client to the other. The Motives Cosmetics Perfection Quad is great to conceal, highlight/contour, and use as foundation. Read here revealing the many reasons why you'll fall in love with this quad!

The Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation transitions into a powder setting your foundation, including SPF, and designed for a buildable coverage for a natural to glamorous look. Don't be alarmed the SPF in this product is suitable for photoshoots and bridal by not producing any flashback in your photos.

Supreme Creme Foundation is excellent for all skin types, crease resistance, moisturizing and conditioning the skin. Buildable coverage, built with yellow or pink undertones complimenting your client's skin, and feels light as liquid foundation.

Highlighting and Contouring hasn't left the makeup world and won't unless everyone goes under the knife! The Perfection Quads and Mavens Sculpt Series are wonderful to use blending beautifully into the skin.

Valuable Tips

As you begin to invest in makeup keep in mind versatility and the qualities they produce. While implementing makeup brands you'll learn if their business model is what you want your brand to represent.

While collecting a range of foundations can be costly... I can feel your worry. Begin with a foundation that is versatile like the Liquid Mineral Powder Foundation that is available in a range of shades. Depending on your budget begin purchasing tones you generally work with and slowly build your collection.

To find the next section of your workbook simply click here. If you haven't read the beginning in this series see below to catch up:

Establish your Professional Makeup Kit

with love,

Crystal Monique Cruz


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