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Flawless canvas results in flawless makeup wouldn't you agree? Investing in quality cosmetics is just as important as reliable skincare. You're going to be working with various skin types, so your job is to accommodate them the best way possible.... Don't freak out there's always a solution.

Skin Preparation

I recommend investing in products that are non-fragrance and suitable for all skin types. By the time you're nearly done prepping your client's skin they're relaxed and excited for what's to come.

How can you set yourself apart from other makeup artist within your area? How can you transform your mobile services and out-beat cosmetic department counters? (note: these are details you can include in your business plan). One of the million ways possible is by incorporating luxury products during skin preparation, and introducing how they can revamp their beauty regimen. For example, I use Lumiere de Vie Pore Minimizing Serum that is wonderful to fill in pores, even skin tone, and fine lines and wrinkles. Talk about beauty in a bottle one of my personal favorites! With the simple comments, "Where can I find this?" "I love how my skin feels!".. at this point they may even try taking you home for facials.

Build your Professional Makeup Kit

Client Preparation

While we're on the subject of 'prepping' lets make sure your clients are taken care of. Each scenario will be different on how you can protect your client from makeup fall-out. To be prepared its best to have these babies on hand: a short black cape (professional color and easy to clean), mid size mirror (foldable to protect the mirror when not in use), and croc hair clips. I've used other hair clips and I totally prefer the croc hair clips. They're extremely reliable on keeping the hair back and great for thin to thick hair.

Carrying mid-size microfibre towels are a preference, the material is easy to clean and always looks like-new after washing. They're great to lay out when setting up your station to keep your area nice and tidy ( can get messy). I personally like to keep another near my brush belt and spray it with 90% alcohol, as needed, to clean/disinfect brushes in between.

Build your Professional Makeup Kit

Disposable Tools

"Always be prepared" what my mother would tell me. If you go for your client's appointment and one of the items listed below are missing... you're going to wish you refilled them in your kit... trust me.

While most of the disposable tools are pretty self explanatory I do want to mention a few things. Eyeshadow shields are great to have helps with fall out from dark makeup and glitter. An alternative, you could use tissue just need to ask your client to hold against their face while you work. Another option, if you have masking tape at home, it's easy to tear and works the same way.

Disposable mascara wands are extremely important to have in your kit! You cannot use the same mascara wand on every client. It's not sanitary and will contaminate your mascara if you use on someone else. This can cause serious eye infections and issues with your client and reputation. Using at least 90% alcohol is great to have if you need to disinfect anything while on the go. For example, I spray a bit on a micro-fibre towel and clean my brush if needed to use again. What's great about alcohol it dries quickly and will not leave your brushes damp.

Build your Professional Makeup Kit

Valuable Tips

Getting ready to invest in these items I suggest buying in bulk rather than smaller quantity. It'll be cheaper and your kit will always be in tip-top shape! For each location you go to your set up will always be different. Leaving a mess after you're done is a big NO-NO. I always keep an extra small bag in my kit (nicely folded real small) that I can tape to the table while working. It's great to have if there's no trash conveniently close by you. Where can you get these small bags that won't cost you anything?... those fruit/veggie baggies you get at the market. It's funny somehow I end up having a few in the diaper bag after getting groceries... so I thought of a perfect use for them! (totally optional of course!)

Give yourself a round of applause building a professional makeup kit takes tremendous dedication! To find the next section of your workbook simply click here. If you haven't read the beginning in this series see below to catch up:

with love,

Crystal Monique Cruz


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