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Hauling a ton of products from one job to the other is a workout! Now imagine the individual products you have to maintain and sanitize. Keeping all those knuckleheads in line is a challenging task. Is there a solution to this madness?....

Establish your Professional Makeup Kit

Palettes! As you begin working in and out of your bag they'll become your new best friend. The ones you choose to invest in should be efficient, presentable, and versatile in order to create a smooth work environment.

The Pro Color Kit is a lifesaver! With a variety of blushes, bronzer, eyeshadows, and photo finish powders they're perfect for any appointment. For more details on these palettes leave a comment!

We are artists and we love color! Naturally we want a vibrant collection in our kits, don't you think? Social media has become the number one place for reviews and credibility of products. As you begin conducting your research keep in mind essential qualities for a meaningful palette: amount of pigment, blend-ability, variety, and if it's hypoallergenic.

Establish your Professional Makeup Kit

You've developed your own rhythm of working, organization style, and preference in particular products. By creating a versatile kit custom palettes may compliment your style. Heres a few that haven't steered me wrong: the magnet strength keeps my products intact, no product breakage, and a clear cover making products visible.

Valuable Tips

Deciding on which palette to invest in can be challenging. By figuring out what kind of makeup you'll be doing, your budget, efficiency, and how presentable you want your kit will help.

If you're interested in creating custom palettes, draw out how you're going to organize each one. A plan is better than none! For example, separating all your glittery, mattes, and metallic eyeshadows in its own palette.

To receive the next section of your workbook click here. If you haven't read the beginning of this series don't miss out:

Establish your Professional Makeup Kit

with love,

Crystal Monique Cruz


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