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Secret for a Flawless Foundation

Finding that perfect foundation can make our lives difficult. It's not enough coverage, the shade is off, gets expensive... I mean the list can go on! #torture

When it comes to a major event or that first date with your hottie, you need to look your best from head to toe. Reliability honey! If you're new to Barocco's world then you'll quickly learn my many best secrets that keeps me #boss status. Versatility is my dosage and the Perfection Quad provides an overdose!

Reliable Foundation

It's a foundation and more! If you're pinching your pennies waiting for that next check to splurge on; you'll be happy to know as reliable and luxurious these quads are they're affordable.

Foundation application with the quads makes life easy, the texture is smooth, customizable, and provides amazing coverage. Best secret to apply foundation! My dark circles are heredity so my under eyes are my main concerns when applying makeup. The Perfection Quads provides beautiful coverage and I don't even have to use a color corrector.

On the go I need versatility to go from a simple makeup look to full glam without hundreds of makeup products. With my all-in-one foundation and concealer life gets easier when I can even highlight and contour.

Fully customizable, highlight, contour, conceal, lasts all day, and great for all skin types. Probably explains why I use 3 quads at a time keeping one for my vanity, makeup bag, and makeup bag for my daughter's diaper bag. [guilty and flawless lol]

Motives Cosmetics Perfection Quads come in various shades complimenting every woman of color. May view here to purchase.

My baby girl saw me and said, "I wanna paint!" lol there she goes grabbing my brush and photobombed adding her own little flavor! #masterpiece

Showing a comparison left side of my face no makeup and right side of my face using the perfection quad. Photographs beautifully

lol I'm in shock how stunning I look! #madeafunny

with love,

Crystal Monique Cruz


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